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A naval shipyard is targeted by a denial of service campaign orchestrated by several pro-Russia [...]
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21 February 2023 France Defence Denial of Service


A collective of Russian hacktivists launched cyberattacks on several state websites during Vladimir Putin's annual speech. The targeted sites included adminitrations, open data access platforms and a defense naval industry group. The attacks used distributed denial of service (DDoS) tactics, overwhelming the sites with simultaneous connection requests. While these attacks caused temporary outages, they had no serious consequences.

The hacktivists' actions appear to be symbolic, targeting random state platforms until they find one with weaker security measures. They boasted about their activities on social media..


Naval Group

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Recommendations to Defence to reduce Denial of Service risks:

  • Implement rate limiting and traffic filtering to mitigate the impact of incoming malicious traffic.
  • Check with your IT service provider that the resilience of its systems against such attack was tested.
  • Regularly monitor network traffic and set up alerting for unusual patterns or spikes.
  • Diversify your server locations and use fail-over systems to ensure service availability in case of an attack.
  • Establish an incident response plan to quickly mitigate and recover from DoS attacks.
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