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Detailed maritime cybersecurity statistics for Data leak threat

21 maritime cybersecurity incidents publicly disclosed found for Data leak

Incidents table - Data leak

Date Country Victim Incident summary
25/08/2022 Singapore Logistics A database concerning an ongoing developped tool is leaked.
18/08/2022 France Industry A company linked to naval defence industry claims to be affected by a data leak.
01/08/2022 Italy Defence A company working in the missile industry for the maritime sector is concerned by a data leak relati[...]
11/07/2022 Turkey Ship A company working in the maritime satellite telecommunication ecosystem is hit by a ransomware threa[...]
28/06/2022 Taiwan, Province of China Port Database on ships and their load transiting through a Taiwanese port is published.
01/06/2022 Japan Fishing A fishery cooperative's customer information have been leaked due to an infection by the Emotet malw[...]
24/05/2022 Cyprus Administration A database containing the affiliates of a political body related to the maritime world is sold onlin[...]
23/02/2022 Israel Port Political Hacker group publishes port restricted CCTV footage
03/10/2022 Indonesia Shipowner Ships CCTV pictures are available online.
19/09/2021 France Shipowner Commercial data leak.
19/03/2021 United States Shipowner A cruising company is hit by a data leak.
23/02/2021 Australia Organisation A transportation authority is hit by a supply chain data leak. 47 email accounts were compromised an[...]
21/10/2021 France Shipowner Personal data leak following website update.
29/01/2021 United States Port A port authority is hit by a cyber attack.
15/08/2020 United States Shipowner Cruising company hit by ransomware. Important data leak.
05/05/2020 Australia Logistics Multimodal actor hit by data leak.
23/02/2020 United States Logistics Logistics actor hit by a cyberattack. Data leak.
05/01/2020 United States Ship During a TV set on board a cruising ship, a password is readable on a screen.
01/08/2018 United States Defence A couple of former US Navy members have stolen personal and confidential datas about 9000 US Navy s[...]
24/08/2016 France Shipyard Data leak concerning naval contracts.
01/08/2011 Iran, Islamic Republic of Shipowner Shipowner hit by cyber attack with loss of data related to cargo management and impact on internal c[...]

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