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Detailed maritime cybersecurity statistics for IT Services

5 maritime cybersecurity incidents publicly disclosed found for IT Services

Incidents table - IT Services

Date Country Incident type Incident summary
19/07/2023 Spain Denial of service A company developing a maritime port management and coordination system, is faced with a DDoS attack[...]
06/03/2023 Netherlands Virus/Ransomware A company specialized in vessel monitoring services is facing a data leak risk after a ransomware at[...]
05/02/2023 France Virus/Ransomware A cloud-based management software solution is unavailable due to an attack targeting its cloud servi[...]
07/01/2023 Norway Virus/Ransomware A fleet management software is shut down to respond to a ransomware attack.
02/12/2022 Singapore Undisclosed A fleet tracking software provider is hit by a cyber attack and its cloud service is disrupted.

Claimed or Reported Threat Actor targeting IT Services

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