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Detailed maritime cybersecurity statistics for Spearphishing threat

13 maritime cybersecurity incidents publicly disclosed found for Spearphishing

Incidents table - Spearphishing

Date Country Victim Incident summary
09/02/2023 Pakistan Organisation A campaign is targeting attendees of an international conference.
07/03/2022 Germany Shipowner The website of a shipowner is counterfeit to operate spear phishing activities.
25/03/2022 United States Port Several websites of the US Maritime Transportation System are spoofed in order to operate cyberattac[...]
03/05/2021 Russian Federation Defence A defence subcontractor is targeted by a spearphishing attack.
01/08/2020 United States Port Spearhishing against the MTS.
01/05/2019 United States Ship Two cruising ships are bit by phishing attacks. Personal data leak.
10/10/2018 Canada Port Port hit by an attack attempt on emails.
16/10/2017 United States Defence Defence actors hit by spearphishing attempts.
01/01/2017 Korea, Republic of Shipowner Multiple Business Email Compromises (BEC) targeting South Korea and Japan.
XX/XX/2016 United States Logistics Agent company email accounts spearphished. False Wiring transfers orders scam. 18M$ loss.
XX/XX/2016 United States Logistics Charterer email accounts spearphished. Financial impact.
XX/XX/2015 Cyprus Shipowner Shipowner spearphished. False Wiring transferts orders scam.
01/09/2012 United States Defence Spearphishing campain targeting the naval sector.

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