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A website is hacked and its content replaced by political slogans.
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10 July 2003 United States Defence Website Compromission


According to sources, during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, certain websites associated with the U.S. Navy were allegedly compromised in cyber intrusions. The disruptions appear to have targeted the main online interfaces of these platforms. The enquiry showed that the activities had been conducted by a hacker named "DKD", who, purportedly, replaced website home pages with political slogans.

Although there might not have been direct operational consequences, such events can influence public trust and perception. Legal ramifications for the involved individual could include a potential prison term of up to three years and a financial penalty nearing $50,850.


US Navy

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Recommendations for Defence to reduce Website Compromission risks:

No advice yet available to prevent 'Website Compromission': stay tuned!

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