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A port would have been victim of a Denial of Service attack.
Day Month Year Country Activity Incident Type
XX N/A 2013 United States Port Denial of Service


A research paper linking to a now vanished article (that I found back on mentions the possibility that the victim port would have been victim of a "large scale" Distributed Denial of Service attack in 2013.

The port mentioned, in other available studies, that it had to face at that date one million hacking attempts a day and two to three so-called "cyber storms" a year.


Port of Long Beach

Claimed/Reported Threat Actor




Main impact



Recommendations to Port to reduce Denial of Service risks:

  • Implement rate limiting and traffic filtering to mitigate the impact of incoming malicious traffic.
  • Check with your IT service provider that the resilience of its systems against such attack was tested.
  • Regularly monitor network traffic and set up alerting for unusual patterns or spikes.
  • Diversify your server locations and use fail-over systems to ensure service availability in case of an attack.
  • Establish an incident response plan to quickly mitigate and recover from DoS attacks.
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