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A tanker carrying ethanol is victim of GPS jamming on arrival.
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XX September 2019 Cyprus Ship GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing


The victim is a tanker ship carrying over 5,000 metric tons of ethanol. As it was approaching Cyprus's shoreline during the night, the ship lost its GPS fix, making navigation challenging, especially in unfamiliar waters and in the dark.

According to sources, the captain of the ship alerted the pilots' office at the oil terminal.

This anomaly in GPS is quite usual around Cyprus. The country has experienced significant GPS disruptions for at least the two years preceeding the incident, making it a representative case in the broader global challenge of intentional interference with vital navigation systems.



Claimed/Reported Threat Actor




Main impact



Recommendations to Ship to reduce GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing risks:

  • Implement verification mechanisms for GPS and AIS data.
  • Use multiple sources of location (other GNSS constellation, physical checks) to cross-verify GPS/AIS information.
  • Regularly monitor for signal interference and anomalies in navigation systems.
  • Use Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas.
  • Educate personnel about the risks and signs of GPS/AIS spoofing attacks.
  • Work with your CSIRT organization to know the geographical zones at risk.
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