Maritime Computer Emergency Response Team ADMIRAL dataset ADMIRAL dataset

Detailed maritime cybersecurity statistics for GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing threat

19 maritime cybersecurity incidents publicly disclosed found for GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing

Incidents table - GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing

Date Country Victim Incident summary
26/02/2022 Ukraine Ship Several cases of AIS spoofing in the context of the Russian/Ukraine conflict. Probably achieved out [...]
29/07/2021 Unknown Ship Two reports on maritime AIS spoofing on maritime conflict zones.
24/06/2021 United Kingdom Defence AIS spoofing on naval ships in the Black Sea.
26/03/2021 Belgium Ship Several ships sailing on a fluvial river are victims of a GPS jammer aiming at protecting a yacht fr[...]
04/02/2021 Sweden Ship Several ships are targeted by an AIS spoofing attempt.
01/05/2020 United States Ship AIS Crop circles off California.
XX/XX/2019 Norway Ship Multiple GNSS spoofing operations over 2018 and 2019.
XX/09/2019 Cyprus Ship A tanker carrying ethanol is victim of GPS jamming on arrival.
01/07/2019 Israel Port Ports cranes hit by GPS spoofing or jamming.
01/07/2019 China Port GPS crop circles.
01/12/2019 China Ship GPS spoofing report.
01/12/2019 Italy Ship AIS spoofing off Elba.
22/06/2017 Russian Federation Ship Nearly 20 ships report GNSS disruption near Novorossiysk displaying their position over 30 km from t[...]
01/04/2016 Korea, Republic of Ship 280 ships hit by GPS issue sail back to port.
XX/XX/2014 Unknown Ship A report underlines that 1% of all ships provide false identification information in their AIS data [...]
XX/XX/2013 United States Port GPS issue causes 4 port cranes to stop during 7 hours.
28/04/2012 Korea, Republic of Defence A wide area is covered with GPS jamming impacting numerous vessels.
04/03/2011 Korea, Republic of Ship GPS jamming was detected over a wide area impacting 10 ships.
23/08/2010 Korea, Republic of Defence GPS jamming was detected over a wide area impacting 1 navy ship.

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