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GPS jamming was detected over a wide area impacting 10 ships.
Day Month Year Country Activity Incident Type
4 March 2011 Korea, Republic of Ship GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing


According to sources, for 11 days during March 2011, North Korea jammed GPS frequencies, impacting 10 ships in South Korea.


South Korea

Claimed/Reported Threat Actor

North Korea



Main impact



Recommendations to Ship to reduce GPS/AIS jamming/spoofing risks:

  • Implement verification mechanisms for GPS and AIS data.
  • Use multiple sources of location (other GNSS constellation, physical checks) to cross-verify GPS/AIS information.
  • Regularly monitor for signal interference and anomalies in navigation systems.
  • Use Controlled Radiation Pattern Antennas.
  • Educate personnel about the risks and signs of GPS/AIS spoofing attacks.
  • Work with your CSIRT organization to know the geographical zones at risk.
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