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A company specializing in the extraction and exploitation of oil is threatened of data leak [...]
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14 June 2023 United Kingdom Offshore Virus/Ransomware


A U.K.-based energy giant known for its extensive operations in the oil and gas sector, was impacted by the exploit of the vulnerability in the MOVEit Transfer software by an attacking group.

According to sources, the attacking group had been exploiting the flaw since May 2023 to gain access to a diverse range of entities and subsequently started to list its victims on a dark web leak site. The affected parties span across U.S. financial services, European energy conglomerates, and several other sectors. Diverging from common tactics, the attacking group chose not to directly notify the infiltrated entities but posted a blackmail note on its leak site, directing victims to initiate contact before an impending deadline.

Some organizations, such as governmental departments, have confirmed potential data exposure involving citizens. However, the attacking group asserts that they've deleted data for select government institutions.



Claimed/Reported Threat Actor




Main impact



Recommendations to Offshore to reduce Virus/Ransomware risks:

  • Map, understand, patch and secure your exposed assets on the Internet.
  • Implement email filtering systems to detect and block phishing emails.
  • Train your organisation, personnel regularly against these threats.
  • Install efficient Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools.
  • Work with your CSIRT organization to better understand the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by threat actors.
  • Monitor your IT and OT systems to quickly detect potential pre-ransomware activity.
  • Implement an efficient offline backup policy.
  • Encrypt all sensitive data to avoid further data leaks.
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