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A company specializing in the field of defence and security is victim of a ransomware attack.
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14 July 2023 Turkey Defence Virus/Ransomware


Reports have emerged that a ransomware group recently claimed to have attack an important defense company based in Turkey and specializing in high-tech products and subsystems for armed Forces and security forces.

If the claims are true, the breach could lead to the exposure of sensitive defense-related information, potentially including classified documents, proprietary technology, intellectual property, and even personally identifiable information (PII) of employees or clients.


Meteksan Defence Industry Inc

Claimed/Reported Threat Actor

Money Message



Main impact



Recommendations to Defence to reduce Virus/Ransomware risks:

  • Map, understand, patch and secure your exposed assets on the Internet.
  • Implement email filtering systems to detect and block phishing emails.
  • Train your organisation, personnel regularly against these threats.
  • Install efficient Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools.
  • Work with your CSIRT organization to better understand the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures used by threat actors.
  • Monitor your IT and OT systems to quickly detect potential pre-ransomware activity.
  • Implement an efficient offline backup policy.
  • Encrypt all sensitive data to avoid further data leaks.
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