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Two members of the US Navy are accused of espionage after the discovery of a data leak to China.
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10 July 2023 United States Defence Legitimate access


According to sources, two Navy sailors stationed in Southern California were apprehended on charges of leaking military secrets and confidential data to foreign intelligence agents. One of the sailors serving on an amphibious assault ship was accused under the Espionage Act of spying. Due to his role and security clearance, he had the potential to access and share highly sensitive national security information. The other sailor, stationed in a naval base was alleged to have accepted bribes in return for providing confidential U.S. military details to the same foreign intelligence service with a person masquerading as an economic researcher.

The extent of the information leak, its potential impacts, and the duration of this espionage activity remain areas of concern that will likely be addressed in ongoing investigations.


US Navy

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Recommendations for Defence to reduce Legitimate access risks:

No advice yet available to prevent 'Legitimate access': stay tuned!

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