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The client of a maritime insuring company is victim of a financial scam.
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19 April 2022 United Kingdom Insurer Scam


According to sources, the victim was deceived into transferring funds into a fabricated bank account under the impression that it belonged to the victim. The club has emphasized that such occurrences of cyber fraud targeting them are rare


Due to this incident, members were alerted to exercise caution regarding potential cyber fraud. Members were also reminded to cross-check any changes in banking details with their regular contact at the victim's office.


Brittania P&I

Claimed/Reported Threat Actor




Main impact



Recommendations to Insurer to reduce Scam risks:

  • Train personnel to recognize common scam tactics and red flags.
  • Implement email filtering and web filtering systems to block known scam websites and emails.
  • Educate employees about the risks of sharing sensitive information with unknown entities.
  • Establish clear and safe communication channels for reporting potential scams within the organization.
  • Regularly update scam threat intelligence from your CSIRT organization to stay informed about emerging scams.
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