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Detailed maritime cybersecurity statistics for Scam threat

6 maritime cybersecurity incidents publicly disclosed found for Scam

Incidents table - Scam

Date Country Victim Incident summary
19/04/2022 United Kingdom Insurer The client of a maritime insuring company is victim of a financial scam.
21/05/2021 Germany Shipowner Fake emails and invoices are manipulated by a third party. A total of 1.679 millions dollars is sent[...]
01/04/2021 France Offshore A company working in the gas sector is hit by a cyber attack.
01/12/2015 Canada Shipowner Scam on the delivery of a new ship.
XX/XX/2014 United States Logistics An international bunkering company is hit by false wiring transfer scam.
XX/11/2014 Canada Logistics False wiring transfert between two companies of the maritime sector.

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